Exceed yourself

Visual identity / Concept art

Concept art for the adventurer

Kari Nurmi is a Finnish adventurer, most known for his courageous sailing trip to the icy Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean. His new adventure was going to be rather interesting: to sail from Tallinn to Helsinki with a pier. Yes, a wooden pier, one you can have at your summer home for example. More importantly a pier made to look like a Kon-Tiki raft, from the adventures of Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl.

Before the pier-boat was built, I painted a concept image for the promotion and marketing purposes. The concept art was also to serve as a visual idea and guide for the building of the actual boat. The name of the campaign is Ylitä itsesi (=exceed yourself). It is an encouragement to everyone, that if this crazy man can cross the Bay of Finland with a pier, you can do anything yourself too!

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